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StarCraft Walkthrough
Protoss 5: Choosing Sides

Your objective in this mission is to get Tassadar and two Zealots to the installation, in the far southeast. You, of course, begin on a platform in the northwest, with a shuttle. This is an interesting lava world, with an ocean of lava and little islands of enemies.

Your platform is sort of small, so build a second base pretty quickly just north of you. Be sure to build lots of dragoons - they have lots of flying units they send at your island, and you want to shoot those down before they drop off their cargoes. Nobody can "walk" to your island, so the flying units are your main concern.

The main enemies are due south - you're fighting the Jormungand and Garm broods. However, you're also faced with the Alpha Squadron of Terrans. Don't go east! They will attack you immediately if they see you. Only go south and once south, you can go east along the bottom of the map.

There are a few small islands with only a few enemies each - take those out with troops in shuttles. On the island to the southwest, land on the eastern coast, and you can build yourself a third base there. The island due south is tiny and is easy to conquer.

The southeast island is where the door to the installation is - once you reach this, General Duke activates and attacks you. Shoot down his forces and get the required people to the door, and you're set.

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