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StarCraft Walkthrough
8: The Big Push

This is on a space platform. First move, scout out the area to the immediate north, up to the ramp. Move all your buildings there, connecting each one to the appropriate pre-built "addition". Start mining heavily and build bunkers and turrets at that ramp. Put turrets all around the edges, too, to protect from their occasional annoying attacks.

This is a great example of the bunker-inch-forward technique. Keep building bunkers forward of your position, posting Goliaths and tanks in HOLD HERE mode. Make sure they all stay in place!! If you send a few ahead, be ready to retreat them into the bunker zone when attacked. Soon you'll have the middle area with more crystals - build another command center here and a few transports. Guard the entrance to the northeast.

Next, build a factory up on the high ground to the east. Start cranking out tanks and goliaths, and start bunkering forward towards their base to the east. Send vultures to knock out their towers. This shouldn't be too tricky if you're patient - you have plenty of money and gas. Note there's a final holdout in the far northwest corner, easy to take out but you have to kill them to end the level.

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