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Super Paper Mario Walkthrough
Chapter 1-1

You're on Lineland Road and learn about how to point the remote at the screen to get information on something. To begin with you can only point at yourself. You can't point at the trees :) You run into your first enemy,a Goomba (HP 1, attack 1). Just one hop on their head does them in. They look like brown lumps. There's a pipe you can't go into yet. Hop onto the brick by the door and go up and over it. You can go into the next pipe. This leads you into a tiny room with a chest. Use the up d pad to open it. You get a Shroom Shake which restores 10hp and cures poison. Go out the other pipe end.

A pink creature is before you> This is a Squiglet. HP of 2, attack of 1. You have to hop on it twice to slay it. Forward is a house and a save spot.

Go into the house and point your wii remote at the screen to spot the secret door. Once you click on it in spotlight mode, it can be opened. You've now found Bestovius. Tell him you'll pay his outrageous fee, but then say you've decided not to pay him anything. He'll teach you for free. The A button now flips between 2D and 3D! This is a core trick of this game. You always want to explore everywhere in 3D. The hitch is that you can't do it forever - it drains your HP. You need to revert to 2D to restore your health.

Flip into 3D and grab a shell shock - the normal slidy shell. You get another shroom shake. Head back out. Try it in the main room to get a fire burst - a flame shooter.

In the main world, do it again to get 3 new boxes. One has Pal Pills - you're surrounded by tiny Marios that help you absorb damage. Head left.

Back at the door you can now see how easy it is to avoid the wall around the door with the 3D ability. You see a line of coins just to the left of the house. You see the 2 pipes that you went in and out to get to that chest room. That's about it, head through the door now.

In the next area, you meet a Koopa Troopa - a walking turtle guy. HP 1, attack 1, defense 1. You can jump on him then kick the shell. You jump on him to make him go in his shell, then jump again to kick it at the followers. You get a Turtley Leaf - this reduces damage by half. You then get a second one.

You get to a pipe that you have to 3D to get around. Behind it is a Goomba card. Cards let you defeat enemies more easily. There's a block with a mushroom, and then bricks up high to go across. A sole brick down below gives you a series of coins. In the next bricks to the right, the top one has a flower. Hit beneath it to activate the flower, then go one block to the left to jump up to it. It'll cause coins to rain down on you - it's a Happy Flower!

Turn to 3D to walk across the background mountains. You now find a blue square creature, a Squig. They shoot rocks. HP 4, attack 1. When you slay it you get a smelly herb - it restores 5hp and cures poison. You reach the next door.

In the next area, you encounter a sproing-oing, like a living slinky. HP 4, attack 1. When you hit it, it breaks up into mini-sproings. The minis don't have a different description. You reach a sign and a spring platform, which tells you to press 2 for extra height. Do so.

Be sure to go 3D after the hill to get the mini-marios hidden behind it. Then 3D again at the next hill to wade through the pile of pink guys. You should level up in here - getting 15/15 HP now. If you can't get all the pink guys in one pass, just go to 2D, heal up, and go back to 3D. After it, jump up on the blocks to get up over the hill and get a multi-coin block. Go up the next stairs and into the door

Next area you get the Piranha Plants, i.e. the famous red plants with teeth. HP 2 attack 1. Go along to the next block which gives you a mega-star, which lets you grow HUGE. Walk on through the area, you won't miss anything. Remember, if you need health, the plus button will help out. Just choose an item to use.

You now meet Paragoomba - a goomba with wings. HP 1 attack 1. If you hit it, it looses its wings and becomes a normal goomba. Shortly you hit a giant star which is the end of the level and you get a save option.

Super Paper Mario Walkthrough

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