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Super Paper Mario Walkthrough
Chapter 1-2

afoot in the foothills

Mount Lineland

You run into paratroopas - like koopa troopas with wings. HP 1, attack 1, defense 1. Just like paragoombas, you hit them to de-wing them.

Go to the top of the mountain pile to learn how the revolving rectangles work. They simply move you from spot to spot. Further on, use 3D to jump on a blue switch to start another set moving. Jump up the new tower to get to it. From the landing spot, jump down to the left to get a coin before going in the door.

In the next area, go 3D to spot the blocks to jump up. Go up high to get across the chasm. Now you're faced with giant grey rolling rocks. These are Spiny Tromps - no HP, they are unkillable. Just go 3D to go around them.

You'll reach a red door.

In the next area, go into the pipe to zap into the background and go into the house. You have to go into 3D and stand on the bed to talk with him. He's stuck in 3D mode, and you help him back to 2D. His name is red. He asks you about the most manly favorite color. Say red. He takes down the bridge for you. Cross the bridge and save.

You reach a shop where you can buy all sorts of things

fire burst 7
pow block 60
shroom shake 11
long last shake 15
life shroom 50
sleepy sheep 25
shell shock 8
mighty tonic 50

You can sell and store things here, too

A block outside has a mushroom in it. 3D by the ground blocks to go in a pipe and get some coins.

Next house - just talks about ancients.

the second to las thouse has a hidden pipe. go 3D to get pas the blocks. In the next room use the remote to spot the hidden door. Open the ches to get the Thoreau pixl, the one which lets you throw things. Use 1 to grab the block then 1 to run and jump and throw it at the blue block at the ceiling. That'll open the door for you.

The elder is in the last house and wants to see a pixl shaped like his hand. You just got it so now you can progress.

another pipe to pop into, another guy to talk to. Tell him you love green and he complains that you're wearing red. If you say 'both' he yells at you for being a waffler. Cross the bridge to end the chapter.

Super Paper Mario Walkthrough

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