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Super Paper Mario Walkthrough
Chapter 1-3

The Sands of Yold

You're in the Yold Desert.

Go 3D right away to get a bunch of boxes including a mini-Mario group. You can level up here, with your attack going up by 1. You get a speed flower here. Be careful - the next box has a zombie shroom that is bad. After that comes a regular shroom.

You then reach a red palm - remember this for later. You run into stone monsters - Bald Clefts. HP 2, attack 1, defense 2. Immune to fire. You have to explode it to flip it over, then you can hurt it. Next is a boomboxer - hp 4, attack 2.

Then comes a Jawbus - hp 5 attack 1. Go 3D to sneak up behind it. You reach a door.

Next area - you find a pink Cherbil. It has sleeping gas. You have to shake your remote to wake up. HP 5, attack 2. You also meet Goombas with dashed lines around them, which can flip dimensions like you.

The big rock near here that is pointy is actually an arrow pointing "towards the screen". Go further right first, to clear out the enemies. When you hit the end, come back in 3D and grab the courage shell along the way. Go to the end of this new path. It tells you to find the red palm and leap under it 10 times.

Take the long walk back (around now is when you really wish you could run) and do the jumps. A red door will appear. The box nearby has a zombie shroom. Slay it to get a poison shroom item.

At the next area with the spring, jump up and then on the other side, land on the lone block. Use 1 to throw your pixl at the blue block to start the rectangles moving. Jump down to have them carry you around. 3D on top of the wall to kill some pink guys.

There's a save spot here, and blocks above, but I don't see any way to get up there. I can't leap from the save block ... go in the door.

It's a boss fight!

It's O'Chunks. HP 20, attack 1. Use Thoreau to toss him. So you just do 1 to grab, 1 to throw, 2 to jump. It's over quickly. He likes to call you Maria.

Go into the second red door.

In the next area, there are ice cherbils. hp 5, attack 2. Go left and jump up to get to a red door. You get a signpost. Read the front then go 3D and read the side. It says, on the blue platform, to press - and 1 at the same time.

There are 5 coin boxes further to the left, then head right again and back to the previous area. There's a ghost shroom behind one of the rocks to the left of the entry door. Head far right to the spring. Jump up and take the platforms left to the red door. Go far right to the blue platform, and press - and 1. The screen will rearrange and you'll have access to the ending star.

Super Paper Mario Walkthrough

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