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Super Paper Mario Walkthrough
Chapter 1-4

Monster of the Ruins

Yold Ruins

Simple down stairs to a red door. In the next area is a buzzy beetle - a blue turtle creature. hp 1 attack 1 defense 3 - immune to flames. Go further to a flame trap to jump over - there's a mushroom above it. Careful jumping gets you up to a pair of enemies and, to the right, a lief shroom in a chest. It auto-restores 5hp if you fall in battle.

Go back to the red door and into the next area. More flames to dodge through. Watch the pattern and then run - or just go 3D and avoid them all. At the end, go 3D and hit a block to rotate it into the 2D dimension. Then you can jump on it to get in the end red door.

In the next area, dodge the rolling stones and climb the ladder to the chest. You get the ruins keys. Return to the previous area and go through the door.

The next area has a save spot - use it! Yuo have to run across the sand (well, walk fast) to not sink, to get your 4 coins. Then go across the top. Go 3D at the end to see the hidden block to jump to the top door. Go in it.

You have to go down, grab a pink guy, and run and jump to fling it at the blue lever. Go back up the ladder and out. Go left past the two stone guys.

This is a really annoying part until you stop to think about it. Stand beneath the first gap on the left. Facing left, jump up and land on the single block to the left. Then turn around and use the pixl to grab the key.

Go through the locked door and into the next area. At the bottom point your remote to spot the hidden bricks. then jump up to them. Go in the door.

In the next area, go left, using 3D to avoid the flames. Jump up into the key area and then go 2D to grab it. Go right to enter the door.

The next room just has a spring. It'll let you super jump up near a door. Going left and 3D you'll spot a ladder. Climb up it. Go far right and still in 3D hit a blue button. This'll launch 80 thousand rolling rocks at you. Run left and stomp the red button to make them vanish. Jump down after them to go in the door.

In the next area, go 3D to see in which order to hit the red blocks. When you do, stairs will appear. Go on up for a save spot, a mushroom and a tube to the surface.

You're now in a flat wasteland - even the pipe disappears. As you head right, you spot a giant dragon. It's Fracktail and he's waiting for you. Then Dimentio shows up, one of Bleck's minions. She deranges the dragon. Max HP ??, attack 1. Use Thoreau to go for the antennae.

First, go 3D when told to leap onto the dragon. Then walk up to the head on the left. When you get there, grab one of the round things on its back and jump and throw it at the antennae on his head. Do this three times. It'll spin in a circle - just follow it around and then do the same thing, three times in a row of course. When you're done, a red door appears.

Now you're inside again. When you get to the bottom, you're greeted by Merlumina. You get a heart.

You hear that Mimi has been dispatched to deal with you. You hear the Princess was forced into a wedding, and the turtles are helping her out. You have to make her walk to the door. You hear about brainwashing, then float down and left to the door. Again, go down and left to a door. You reach a dead end and are then zapped to safety.

Back to Mario. You hear a pure heart will let you visit specific sections in a chapter. GO left to the elevator and ride it. Left to save, then left into Merlon's house. You hear a girl fell out of the sky. Go far right to the elevator by the fortune teller's house. Now go left to find Princess Peach. You're told to find Saffron on the first floor, a chef. Go back to the elevator. GO to the second floor. Walk left to the down arrow and take it to the first floor. Go right to the stained glass doors to find Saffron. Give her your fire burst (or go buy one if you don't have it) and she'll make spicy soup. Back up you go through the levels.

Give her the soup and she is all better. Merlon says to go find Merlee next. Peach joins your party. Merlon gives you an old key.

Super Paper Mario Walkthrough

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