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Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2
5: Razor Rendezvous

Your main mission - destroy the Imperial Ship

When you start, your frigate claims it's in trouble. Ignore it and tell your fighters to go help it. First run to it's back end and blow up the shuttle there for your bonus. Then go down to the pointy front of the Imperial ship and head towards one of the spheres on top of it. Shoot it with your ion cannon and then a blast of torpedoes. Loop around and do the same with the other one.

Now you have to go beneath, you're probably out of torpedoes now. So ion cannon and blast it until it blows up.

OK, back to the pointy front of the ship. Now fly straight at the separate top hat-part of the ship. If you use the targeting computer you'll see they want you to shoot in its center at a small window. Blast that away and you're done! In fact I like to Kamikaze this - it counts the ship as being destroyed without realizing you died in the process :)

Gold Medal:
10 enemies
60% accuracy
0 friendlies
1 lives
85% targeting computers ------------------------------

Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2 Walkthrough

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