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Tiberian Sun Walkthrough: 2

This one starts you at the middle west side of the screen. Build up a bit, move and take out the SAM right near you. Another SAM is just north of your base, but nothing else. Build up a bit, building maybe 20 infantry and maybe 5 mechanical units - Wolverines are good. Have two harvesters pulling in money. When you get the units built, start to head south. You'll just hit little one and two unit groups, which are easy to take out. Go across the bottom of the map, up the right, and when you're on the other side of the river from the broken bridge, you'll find their base. Clear it out, concentrating on the guns when you find those. There's a SAM there, and another north and west on a ridge. Once you find and clear all the SAMs, you're all set.

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