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3B - Crash Site
3B - Crash Site

OK, this is a mission to locate the crash site and capture their tech center. Remember the 'capture' part! Don't destroy it by accident :)

You start in the SW area. Build your base, and kill anything roaming around it. Clear out the town area. You can speed up the system to get through some of this part more quickly. Ignore the Nod base in the NE for now, just get a group of disc guys, two medics, and a few walkers and head NW along the ravine.

Trigger a landslide to get up on the ridge, and take out the four guns one by one, healing up in between. When you have a force at the lower tunnel, head through into their base. The base isn't too hard, just again take out the units one by one, leaving the tech center alone!!

Watch the idiotic medics in this one, they keep trying to get themselves killed. Be sure to keep them at the back of any firefight.

When you've cleared this area, you can kill off the other lower Nod base with little problem. The ship is to the SE - kill off the few troops around it and you'll win the mission!

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