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4 - Protect Crash Site
4 - Protect Crash Site

Oh, THIS one is fun :) It's around 15 minutes of play time on average speed, but it's very, very high intensity play.

Forces are going to come at you from all sides. I put a batch of units on each of the four sides of the ships - larger forces by the gates to the north and south, smaller ones on each side. I also sent a reasonable force of units through the north gate, around to the east and up on the ridge. They picked off the REALLY annoying guys that hang out up there.

Make sure you have medics in each group, and make sure you protect them!

Watch out for Sub APCs - they pop up right next to the ship itself. That's why you need the two groups immediately beside the ship. Other than that, repair your turrets and just stay alert for intruders. It requires a lot of watching and waiting, but it's really not that hard to win this one.

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