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5B - Rescue Tratos
5B - Rescue Tratos

This is the Save Tratos level. You only start out with 3 guys, so be very careful with them. Each has his or her own strengths - one is an uber sniper, one can take over vehicles, and one can blow things up. Use them accordingly.

First, move east and grab your pet Tibo-Ram. You can heal in tiberium, so go back there whenever you're hurt. Go north and capture the buggy - don't blow it up! Now move west against the base.

This is not a base to just storm, especially with three people. Sneak around to the north and take out the units there. Then take out the power supply. Take out the remaining units one by one. I did this part on highest speed to get healed up quickly.

Now go west to the main base - if you kick up a landslide on the western side, the Tibo-rams will come in and take out the power for you. Follow them in! It's easy, you get to the hospital, get back with Tratos to the transport and section one is done.

Next, the base. Use engineers on the bridge, and use an Orca swarm to eat away at their new base. Protect your own tiberium area, and it should be pretty easy. You have to destroy every last fence post to win!

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