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6 - Destroy the Dam
6 - Destroy the Dam

Ah, the dam. You start out in the SW with your forces. Go south, east, north, and then there's a outcropping you go around in a circle. Ignore the base that's near here, and send your non-human forces in front to kill off the flame sub that pops up in front of you. When you get south and then east again, you'll get some reinforcements. There's a health in the small base to the east.

Kill the sam sites here, and get some more reinforcements. When the engineer shows up, run him immediately to the bridge. You need that bridge repaired. Go north over the first bridge, then east over the bridge he just repaired and blow the ridge up.

OK, this is the fun part. Go into the tunnel. You'll pop up a bit further north. Lure away the single guys and kill them off, protecting your engineers. Send a force in and take out the lower obelisk, and retreat again. Now attack with everone and take over the tiberium refinery when the harvester is in it!! You'll get both of them. Now get the hand of Nod. You can now crank out tons of units! Grab buildings with engineers, make as many other units as you wish.

When you're set, head west to destroy the last units. That's it, it's easy!

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