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6B - Destroy the Base
6B - Destroy the Base

OK, a timed mission. 20 minutes. Easy :) In essence you destroy all the SAM sites and units you can find while you build up your base in the northern area.

First off, build your base. Send some of your forces east to blow up the SAM sites to the northeast, and send the other half west, blowing up the SAM sites in that region. Make sure to build walls all around your main buildings - the NOD guys will try to take them over.

When your base is secure, build up a force and head west. They tend to blow up that bridge, but if you sit there they'll repair it for you. Storm over. You should be able to take out most of the SAM sites before they go live. You have to eat away at the base bit by bit - kill off the harvester of course.

After a point they stop attacking your main base, and you can just chew away at their base. Take over the pyramid, and kill off all the forces. When you're done, you can take out the tiny base to the south, and you're set! Kill the base off and take over the pyramid there. There's still another

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