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7 - Capture Base
7 - Capture Base

This is the "Kill All Power Plants" mission!

Sure, they say, just roam around and kill things. I bet you that every person who first tries this level ends up being blasted to pieces when they head east :) The trick is to do this piece by piece.

First, set your engineers into the APC. Keep it behind the 3 hovers that you have. Save all healths you find until you really need them. So avoid the first ones by the bridge, and go upthe little ramp. Take out the units there, then move west against the radar island. Cave in the wall, and take out the power plants at this little base. This means you can now go east.

Move east. In the SE corner is an island with a truck with health. Again, save it until you need it. Move north, capture the hand and start building up your forces. Repair and cross the bridge when you're ready, and move to the east and take out that smaller base. Now you'll find a little ledge that's hard to find on the east where you can get down into a channel.

Take your guys up around the back of the whole base complex, all the way across to the north and west. You'll get in the back of your base. Take over the construction yard there, and you get *everything* so don't bother taking out the rest.

Now repair the walls, repair and fortify with various weapons and units. You can begin to move against their main base. It'll take a little while to get all the way through, but you shouldn't be in any real trouble while you do it.

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