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Nod 3B: Destroy Temple
Nod 3B: Destroy Temple

This is a pretty easy mission - you can do it fast and get on to the next one, or do it slowly and get oodles of points.

You are trying to capture Hassan. You start out at the lower end of the map with a few forces. Take out the little guard area there, cross the bridge and take out that little base as well. Let the engineer escape to the right - he'll blow the bridge, which will protect you from future attacks for a while. There's a money crate in the left bunker area.

The Forces that Be will give you a MCV and engineers once you do this. Build your base in the lower area, and grab the Hand in the middle. Set up a lot of lasers to defend - you can repair them much easier than units. There's tiberian below the hand, grab a bunch of it.

Build a subt APC with engineers and attack the upper base with them and a bunch of normal units. The engineers can grab all of the buildings pretty easily. Now restore the bridge to the right.

The Tick Tanks are great, use them to swarm in and start working on the main base area. We call the pyramid the Luxor after the big casino in Vegas - move against it. Once it's destroyed, which isn't very hard, a 'copter comes out of the tunnel below it (which, by the way, you can't reach with your own units, no matter how hard you try). You automatically capture this, and the mission is won.

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