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Nod 6: Capture Mutant
Nod 6: Capture Mutant

There's a choice of two levels here, both a 'capture the mutant' choice, so we took the high one. You start out in the SW with a small group. Move forward slowly, taking out forces with the artillery. Build your base right beneath the bridge and set up an army. If you send a cyborg ahead to 'scout out' you can then pick off the units with the artillery.

If you head up north by the tiberium, you can take out a sensor there. Take the bridge and left around the tiberium, and take out the other sensor. Now to the hospital.

Go NW, NE, then SE, protecting your artillery. The woman is in a base in the NE, and will be trying to take a train to the S. So just blow up the second, south train first!! She'll get on her train, head south, and just sit there. Not very bright. So you can go down and grab her at your leisure.

Kill off the initial attack wave, and build up your base. Build, build, build. Once your base is set, build your army. Now start exploring to find the sensors. One to the north, one to the south. Kill 'em off!

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