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TimeSplitters 2 Walkthrough

TimeSplitters 2 missions are extremely linear - you simply go from point A to B to C and make sure you watch for any of the optional bonusses along the way. Here are the steps I took to get through these levels.

Siberia: 1990
Chicago: 1932
Notre Dame Cathedral: 1895
Return to Planet X: 2280
NeoTokyo: 2019
Wild West: 1853
Atom Smasher: 1972
Aztec Ruins: 1920
Robot Factory: 2315
Space Station: 2401

I also want to put up notes on all of the little challenges and such but some are super-easy and some are quite challenging, so I think putting up a page on every one would be too much, but a page on them all might be too hard to navigate. While I figure this out, here are some random notes on the challenges.

Challenge and Arcade Notes

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