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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Chapter 1 - Ghost Memories

This game is all about memories - what is true, what is imagined. It is also about responsibilities - what a parent should do, how a child should be cared for.

You start out on a boat, talking with Jessica. Jessica is your aunt (your father's sister). Jessica says your 'dreams' are not real, she points out that those memories would have been from when you were 3.

You get upset a lot during this game - apparently they feel early teen girls are always having emotional roller-coasters. Now I admit that the situation is a little stressful :) But still, she does a lot of screaming at people. In any case, Jessica explains that she had to lie about you dad being alive, because your dad made her keep it a secret. You ask Jessica about your father - it turns out he's an excellent scientist. He was researching memories. He met your mom, Sayoko, at work. Your Dad's name was Richard.

You talk about a DTS machine you have, that only you can use. It has a camera built into it. You'll be using this camera quite a lot during the game, to solve puzzles.

Your mom, Sayoko, was also a great scientist. Jessica says that your dad will explain about her. Finally the boat lands on the island. Your dad isn't there, so you're petulant. Jessica goes off to find him, and you stay with the captain. You talk with him. He doesn't remember his childhood dreams. He did come out here once before, with a tall blonde guy. He says the island was once owned by a rich family - the Edwards. Then the patriarch got sick and everybody began to die.

The captain doesn't know about your dad, he says you're very inquisitive. Finally he gives you some candies and you head off to look for your father and Jessica.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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