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Trace Memory Walkthrough
The Island and Graveyard

Start wandering around the island. You get up to a bridge, and hear Jessica call out. At the same time, the bridge goes up. This is your very first puzzle. It's rather obvious, but the point is to help you learn how to solve the puzzles. There's a lever right there at the bridge entrance. Look at it and then get a close-up view of it. Press and hold at the handle spot on the top, then drag around in a full cycle clockwise. The bridge will lower down.

Follow along the road, and you'll find a stone marker for the Property of the Edward Family. Keep going. You'll get to a gate and a broken sign. Look closely at the sign, right beneath the wooden bit that's still on the pole. You'll be able to rearrange the sign pieces. Again this is pretty simple, just a matter of moving the pieces around to fit. It simply says "Edwards Mansion" and a scale symbol. Oddly, even though you fixed it, when you move out to a general view, it is still broken :)

Continue along to the right. You'll hit a fork where the northern path to a mine is sealed off. You'll have to go the long way around. Head further right, where it gets quiet and creepy. You are now in a graveyard.

You find the gravestones of two men - Thomas Edward, 1912-1948 and Henry Edward 1910-1948. Odd that the two men were born almost at the same time and died in the same year. You'll be hearing a lot about these men going forward. Move on to the stone to the far right, against the wall.

This is a little annoying - drag at it repeatedly to move it off the wall. When you look at it on the ground, it has a "D" on it. Suddenly you meet up with a sad boy ghost who will be your new companion. He's thrilled that you can actually see him, because he's been waiting for many, many years for someone to come and talk to him. He needs help in recovering his memories. He says the reason you can see him is that you are trusting, pure, and pay attention to things.

D also says he has no memories at all. He only remember someone calling him D. The symbol on his chest is also something from his past. Then D remembers something about his dad and a gun, and vanishes.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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