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Trace Memory Walkthrough
The Mine and the Main Gate

From the graveyard, go forward along the path to an area with a few small buildings to the north. This is the mine entrance. You find a rusted cart plus a toolbox with a gear in it. On the right is a toolbox with a metal brush. In an odd quirk that you'll find MANY times in this game, you can't take even though you sense it might be helpful later on. First, you have to go to the machine on the far left ... THEN look at plaque ... THEN return to get the metal brush and THEN go use it to clean the plaque.

In order to do the cleaning, you have to look at plaque, then use the bag, and click on the brush to get a "use" option. When you are shown the plaque again, drag your mouse all over screen to scrape the rust off.

It says:

All gold found in this mine belongs to the Edward company. Anyone caught stealing gold will be severely punished.

Neato. Since you still can't get past those rocks, walk all the way back around to the main gate of the mansion. Once there, stare at the main gate closely - you'll find a plate with buttons. It's missing the gear you have - use the bag and use the gear to put it in. Now you're missing a code. Note that it seems to look like the company logo sign. You want to choose the bottom center scale, then add on the pointy hand at the top.

Once you do, the gate opens up.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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