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Trace Memory Walkthrough
The Guardhouse and the Mansion Door

Once you get in the big gate, you reach a main door with 2 sculptures. The left is a hand with a sphere. The right is a hand holding nothing.

Go to the right to find Jessica's glasses. Enter the building - it's empty. A labcoat is hiding a photo, take that. On a desk is a briefcase with a paper - "Trace Findings" by Richard and Sayoko Robbins. Take the cover.

Your very first DTS card is near the books. "Dearest Ashley, I'm sorry for not picking you up but I finally completed Trace. Sayoko's and my efforts hav efinally paid off. I'll be waiting for you in the mansion past the gate."

If you can't pick up the balls in the box, go out and stare at the hands some more until it lets you grab a ball. When you leave, D will show up. He remembered about his father - his dad died in the mansion where Frannie used to live. Frannie had called him D and was a friend, maybe. D remembers because he met you. It appears that D stands for Dorrie ;) This is very much like the flaky fish in Finding Nemo that can only have a sane memory-holding brain when around a friend :)

Once you have a ball, go to the empty hand and use it. You're going to have to "throw" the ball up to land in the hand. It's annoying, but it's possible. Justkeep trying. Finally the door opens. D decides to come along and be your friend.

Test Time!! You are going to run into memory tests at the end of each chapter. Don't panic. If you get something wrong, they'll just ask you again. This is a way to help you improve YOUR own memory as you play this memory game.

First person went looking - Jessica
Family - Edward
Names on graves - Henry and Thomas
First ghost memory - his father
In briefcase - cover letter

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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