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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Getting Through the First Door

D remembers Wells the Butler. D had visited this mansion with his father - although his father was raised here as a child. D remembers that his father had gotten a letter, and had decided to come and see "him". D doesn't remember who "him" referred to. You two enter the foyer.

You see a bird statue in the cetner with an inscription:

Four leaves sprout. Together, they open the doors.

Go forward a bit to talk about Jessica. You show D the photo that you took of her. Now move arond to the left. There's a painting of a hummingbird here. It says 1, 8, plus a few symbols - a pi, V, backwards L. The plate reads "For Henry, my golden bird". Take a picture of this painting.

Now go around to the other painting and D comments about making these two paintings one. OK, here's the trick. Take a picture of the second painting too. Clear out of the "look" mode until you're back in wander mode. Go into your DTS menu. Go into the camera sub-menu. You can arrow through the pictures you've taken. Arrow around until you get to one bird picture. Use the button at the top of the picture to move that picture onto your top screen. Next, arrow to get to the other bird picture. Click on the lower picture again to bring up two menu choices BELOW the picture. The right option is to delete it. The left option is to overlay it on what you see in the upper screen. Do the overlay command.

Slide the bottom picture around until you can see the roman numerals I II III IV form. WHen you do, you should have a four leaf clover formed. You should also see four numbers shown - 1 1 2 8.

Go to the door and use the lock with the key 1 1 2 8. You can now get through.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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