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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Music Room and Butler's Room

You have to pass the first pair of doors - they won't open for a while. At the end of the hall you spot a painting. It's D's Great-Grandfather - i.e. D's father's grandfather. It is Lawrence Edward. He was the one who was ill. You hear a piano - go "back" and to your left (i.e. you the player's left).

This is the music room. You find a paper here - "Because of our reasons for developing Trace, we couldn't avoid considering the following point as we cointinued our research on the heredity of memory. The person involved in the development and application of Trace must understand completely how much a person's memories affect his/her sense of identity ..." This is actually a very cool idea - that what you remember about your life helps to shape what you feel about yourself as a person. You can alter a person's sense of who they are by adding and removing memories they can actually remember. In any case, you pick up the essay.

Look at the bookshelf - you can rearrange the books, but you don't have enough yet to solve the puzzle. There's a DTS card on the table to the right. You can read these "Richard's Journals" in your DTS menu - there are four "pages" of them to go through. They're just silly little notes your father is leaving around the mansion for some reason. This is card 904 - Richard's Journal. He was thinking of Japan, Sayoko's first home. He says you and he will go see Sayoko's parents in their quiet mountain village and ask them to tell us stories about Sayoko's childhood. This makes me feel Sayoko really is dead, if we're going to ask her parents about her childhood.

When you look at the piano, D says it opens up a secret door if played correctly. He doesn't recognize the painting of a musician shown there. Time to go across the hall.

This is the Butler's room. There's a card for you on the table. "Ashley - I know you came to this room in search of me. I'm so happy Ashley. I can't wait to see you. I'll tell you all about Trace and your mother when we meet. I will be waiting for you in a room deep inside the mansion."

You can rub the pad a bit with a pencil, but it breaks quickly. Grab the card 901 in the drawer on the right of the desk here. It says that when your dad was stuck on a problem, he'd read a book in that entry building - Porter's Lodge.

Shelves on the right hold a Y Book. Look in the fireplace to get charcoal. Use it on the note - rubbing quite a lot - to get to read the words "Bill will come".

Head up the stairs to the wardrobes. In the left one you find a letter.

"My beloved father, please forgive me for going against your will and pursuing my career as a musician. I've endured many trials since that day I left the manison, but I am content to live the life that I've chosen for myself. I have take a wife and am the proud father of two children. I am looking forward to the day that I will be able to return to the mansion and speak with you. Your son Leonard Edward."

The middle wardrobe has a photo album in it. The photos are all of Henry and Thomas, brothers. These were the two lads in the graveyard - born 2 years apart, died in the same year.

The third wardrobe has the butler's records, a scroll, and a case. The records talk about the 2 boys being grandkids of Lawrence. The records then talk about the boys' rooms and how the keys were entrusted to the 2 birds. The scroll is a family tree. You see the elderly Lawrence and wife Helen had one son, Leonard. Leonard is the person of the above letter, who was estranged from his father. Leonard with a "mystery wife" had 2 kids - Henry and Thomas. Each of those two boys married and had a child.

So we now understand that Leonard went off after a disagreement about what his life should be, and raised his 2 sons away from the grandparents. But apparently something happened, so that the grandfather had to raise the sons to adulthood - when each boy married and started a family of his own.

The case is a simple sliding tile puzzle. Move the tiles around until it makes the hummingbird. You get a silver medal for that.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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