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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Gold and Silver Rooms

Head back to the bird statue in the foyer and use the silver medal on the statue. You'll get the sprout key. Use this on the door to the right out of the 2 that are locked right now. It's hot and stinky in here. Grab the E book from the shelf inside on the left. On the table is a gun case. D remembers that. There's a drum doll on the desk, but as usual you can't take it even though it seems interesting. In the back of the room is a hutch. Look at the glass, and then take the key from the glass.

Go across now to the other room. You have to try using both keys separately before you get the idea to combine them. Rotate and turn one of the keys so that both have the clover-end on the same side, spin them so it indeed looks like a clover. Once it does, push it into the lock and then turn it a full rotation around before it opens.

This is the Silver Bird Room. You get the N book in here. You also see a stain on the floor - sadly, this is D's father's blood. There's a birdcage - D remembers when it was knocked down. He remembers a man in a black sweater was in here, and shot D's father.

There's a note on the upper table, in pieces. You have to arrange it *on the black area* in order to read it. It won't arrange properly outside of that marked rectangle. It's dated 1946. Henry is acting strange. He won't look at me (Thomas) and he doesn't say a word. His wounds have healed, but it seems he has far deeper injuries. I'm worried because he seems like a different person completely.

Apparently these brothers had some rough times when they were adults. With the mention of wounds, it sounds like they had a bad time during World War II.

OK, head back to the music room. You only have to use one book and all books get added to the collection. That was nice of them. Spell out:


Then take a picture of the books when they are arranged nicely. These are all astrological symbols but as many gamers don't know what those are, the arrangement in "symbol terms" is:

bull rectangle girl rectangle arrow rectangle girl rectanble arrow girl bull

Go to the piano and it'll show you that photo right above the keys. Just play along, and the bookcase slides over.

You get another memory test - I didn't write this one down, but it was pretty easy and if you get one wrong, you can just choose again.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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