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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Art Studio, Henry and Mary's Room

Head in and right to the Art Studio. There's a drawing on the table of a baby growing up into a girl - it's supposed to be you apparently. A DTS card here says "Dear Ashley, thank you for coming here to find me. I'm actually waiting for you at the lab in the back of the house. Sorry for the wild goose chase. I can't wait to see you!"

There's an easel, with a picture of Frannie, by her father. D remembers that Frannie's father is Uncle Henry. So now you are filling in more of the family tree. Henry, an artist, is one of the two brothers and his single child was Frannie.

Go out of the room and left - now you're in Henry and Mary's room. So this is where the brother lived in the mansion with his wife. There's a DTS card to read on the table. This is #902 and just talks about how Richard hums to himself when he's alone. The song is always the same, the one playing in the cafe where he met Sayoko. They fell in love with just one look :)

There's a green bottle on the table with something in it - but the seal is too tight. Head back to the chest in the artist studio. Get the hammer from the chest, return to the green bottle in the bedroom and use it. All you do is hit the bottle with your hammer (mouse) a few times. You get a gold bird key and a letter. The letter was apparently left behind for Henry from his wife, Mary.

"Dear Henry - This is my last letter to you. Ever since your grandfather passed away and your brother killed himself with grief, you've turned into a different person. I can't even imagine how difficult this time has been for you, but I cannot live and raise our daughter in this environment. I cannot live with your constant drinking and violent outbursts. Do you even remember swinging that knife around me and Frannie? You looked like you thought everything was out to get you. Did you know that, after that, I hid all the knives in the house so you wouldn't hurt us? Or yourself? I don't know you any more Henry. I'm leaving the island with Frannie. I'll never forget you and the love we once shared. Mary."

What a sad letter. Apparently once the grandfather died, so did Thomas. The remaining brother, Henry, went insane with grief and guilt to the point that his wife and daughter Frannie fled the island.

There are dolls on the nightstand with instruments. The missing one is rather obviously that drum doll we were admiring earlier. Go grab the drum doll from the other room. When you arrange it, D says that the item is a music box. You need a key still - it's not the key you just found.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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