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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Frannie's Room and Henry's Study

Head out and right to get to Frannie's room. This is the girl that D remembers. You find a DTS card in the drawer of the desk. It's card 903 - wandering the mansion. He looks for the most comfortable sofa to nap in. He gets distracted from work and thinks about the girl named Frannie. She reinds him of Ashley. He talks about rats in porter's lodge.

There's also 2 stamps in a box in the bookcase.

The sketchbook has one picture of Frannie happy with a little boy - i.e. D. Then another picture has her all alone and sad. Pretty clearly, something happened to D and she was abandoned. You have to wonder, this poor little girl was stuck on an island with no playmates at all. It was probably doubly awful for her only friend in the world to die. Now you want to "use" the stamp. This is pretty cool. Once you have the stamp in the "top" of your DS, just close your DS clamshell as if you're going to stamp that down onto your touch screen. Do it a few times to fill in the full stamp.

In one of the funniest (unintentionally I'm sure) scenes in the story, D calls out, "He's Frannie's Father!" C'mon, these are woodcut monster carvings. But apparently the scary creature has one arm, and this was an injury that Frannie's father, Henry, had in the war.

You look at the bear and ribbon and such, and D remembers that Frannie called D's father Uncle Thomas. This is of course no surprise at this point. D and Frannie were the two sole kids of Thomas and Henry. Frannie and D were cousins. So the family tree is complete.

Across the hall is Henry's Study. I'm seeing a pattern here. Let's see. Henry got an art studio, a bedroom, and a study too. His daughter gets one room and no playmates (except a cousin who visits for a little while and then dies). Henry's wife only gets a bedroom! I suppose she was going to spend all her time in the kitchen?? No wonder she took off with her daughter :)

In any case, there's a framed picture of symbols on the table, and a picture on the wall of angels playing drums, horns and harps. You make a comment about angels not playing drums which I do not understand AT all - surely we have all heard gorgeous drum work that sounds completely heavenly?? In any case, there is also a massive wall of books.

D says Mary was Frannie's mother. Yes, we knew that. You say that it sounds like D's father killed himself, but D denies it.

It's time to work on the symbol frame. This is a REALLY really annoying puzzle. They keep talking about a "reflection" so I tried using this picture on every mirror I could find. No luck. There's no way to make a 'reflection' image (reversal) in the DS. I tried rotating the image and looking at it in every direction. What they want you to do is FOLD your DS to see the reflection - i.e. folding it like a V and peering in sideways while it's lit up so one glass surface reflects off the other. You need to fold it enough that you see the key reflecting inside the book image. When you do, you perhaps see F3 on the right. Yeah right, that is a bit of a stretch to me. Once you do, go to the bookcase, to the far right F column. Now count the 3rd shelf down. It's a book on the far right. I really found this to be an awful puzzle. I mean heck, how come 3 referred to the third shelf DOWN and not the third shelf UP? How could you then know which book on that shelf? Never mind the peer-in-sideways thing just didn't work very well. I'd have been happier if they made you actually aim your DS at a mirror.

In any case, you now have the music box key.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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