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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Music Box and Stone Wall Door

Take the book key over to the music box. You have to drag the key top-to-bottom a few times to wind up the music box. Taking your direction from that painting,turn on the drums, horn and flute. This opens up the fireplace in the study.

When you go through, you're in a small wood-lined room, a storeroom. In a box you see 2 pictures and a gold item. The photos are of the end of the hallway. One shows Frannie with the top 2 candles lit on each candleabra. The wall is solid. The other picture shows the door open. In that one, the left candleabra has candles 1 and 3 left (counting left to right). The right candleabra has candles 1 and 4 lit.

Just touch the candles in the photo for the game to realize you know what is going on here. Also be sure to grab the gold object - the matches.

On the other side of the room, get the baseball on the ground. Throw it up at the suitcase. You'll find a shoe in here. It's D's shoe, and you hear a story about it. D's dad says that soon they will be very rich, and that D will have a lot of expensive shoes to wear.

Go out the door and light the candles as indicated, to get through the stone wall secret door. You get another quiz.

Frannie's Dad - Henry
other drawing - of me
Frannie's room - D's dad's name
Suitcase - a shoe

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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