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Trace Memory Walkthrough

When you enter this area, you smell something burning. Look in the fireplace. You find a charred paper piece in there. It says: "increasing chance - implement - fabricated memories - merging - using trace - replay memory - however - in practice -" Take it with you. It sounds like this Trace item involves memories, and includes making up memories.

On the table is a newspaper that talks about when your mom was shot, when you were 3 years old. That was 11 years ago. You remember your mom saying "I will not hand over Trace". As you walk a little more, you remember your mom being killed, and you want to go home. D helps talk you into sticking this out.

Move on to the lounge. This next puzzle is a listening puzzle. Turn the dials to weed out the static. The right one points down and the left one will point halfway between up and left. When you do, the song "Miracle of the Blue Moon" will play, one D remembers from his childhood.

Someone's coming! A guy shows up, and says he is your father. He hasn't seen Jessica yet. You guys talk about your mom. You accuse your dad of killing your mom. He says that he loved Sadako. You talk about Trace. He says that Trace is complete now that you're here. He's about to explain, but of course a strange sound draws him away.

You and D talk about why your father couldn't see D. D thinks it's because your father wasn't a trusting type. Also, you ponder that your father smelled of cigarette smoke. On the table is a lighter that says "B.E." on it, which would seem to stand for Bill Edwards.

Head out to Moss Hall. To the right is a locked door.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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