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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Storage Room and Kitchen

To the left you see a painting of the bay, plus an empty spot. Take a picture of the painting. The door here goes into the kitchen. There's a knife in the oven but of COURSE you wouldn't want something as incredibly handy as a knife on you!! So you leave it. Go to the far left and you find a door roped shut. Hmmmm, what might help with that? Yup trudge back to the knife. Grab it. Trudge back to the rope. Rub the knife up and down to cut the ropes and go into the storage room.

Jessica's in there! She says that it was Bill Edward that tied her up. Bill was a colleague of Richard's. You tell her that you saw your dad, and talk about Trace. You explain that your mom died defending you and Trace, and that your dad promised that he hadn't killed mom. Note that you auto-give her her glasses during this. You can give her some candy as well.

Go over to the painting behind her. It's very dusty, but looks like the other one you saw on the wall. This is actually sort of a cool puzzle. You can't rub the dust away with your hands - you have to BLOW it away by blowing on the microphone. Take a picture of it.

The key here is NOT to make the paintings line up perfectly, even though they look cool when you do that. Instead, the aim is to rotate one painting so that the two patterned areas overlap nicely - even though the paintings themselves will be at odd angles. When you get the patterns to overlap, they'll form numbers - 2369. It's really faint and I'm sure is very hard for some people to see. This is apparently not a game for the vision impaired.

Before you go through the door, examine the handkerchief by the sink with blood on it. Whose is that? Also grab the DTS card in the drawer by the sink. This one is 905 and talks about Richard being sick of canned food - he wants some fresh fruit.

You get your test -
fireplace - research paper
murdrer suspect in paper - richard
asked dad who murdered mom - not him
opened door with - knife
abducted jessica - bill

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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