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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Lawrence's Room

Head down the hall and to the right to Lawrence's room, the patriarch of this clan. You see a painting of the great-grandpa of D in a pose with 2 boys. Of course the guy in the white sweater is D's dad. The other guy in the black sweater is Henry - Thomas' brother. It's the black sweater guy from D's dream.

There is a DTS card in the bookshelf. This is 906 - apparently Richard's mom and dad died in plane crash when he was 18. His sister Jessica and he had to fend for themselves. Dad was too busy for them anyway. Jeez, this story has a LOT of death and parental abandonment!!

You see a zoetrope. Play with it, but it's missing paper. Head on all the way back to the art room and find the paper in the crate. Now go back to the zoetrope. You'll see a bird in trees animatnion by rubbing the stylus quickly left to right, repeatedly to spin it. D tells you all about zoetropes. now look to the right to see the tree painting.

As you walk back by the bed, you hear a noise. Look at the tree there - examine the painting. You are clicking on FLOWERS here not the branches. You want to click on the right - top - left - center - lower left - and then something opens. It's a secret door.

Before you head in, there's a few thing sto read. First is an envelope in the nightstand. This is the last will and testament of Lawrence Edward, signed by him. It says that after my death, I bequesth all my assets to Henry Edward. So Lawrence was leaving all of his money to the artist father of Frannie.

In the desk by the zoetrope, use the gold key on the desk to find a notebook. This is Lawrence Edward's. This is a VERY wordy document that you have to read in tiny two-line snippets on your DS. It says:

may 1948. I believe my time has finally come. I must write down my thoughts while I can still hold a pen. Foremost on my mind today is that sunny day 32 years ago. That was the day that I first held Henry and Thomas in my arms. It's hard to believe that these two men were once so small. That was also the day I received a letter of reconciliation from my estranegd son, Leonard. But the letter came too late. I had learned of Leonard's death earlier, and regrets haunted me. The boys were another chance for me to make peace with Leonard. Il'l never forget their innocent smiles. They lightened my heart. That day, I decided to raise them on my own. I loved them more than anything, and wished them happiness. Giving them happy lives became my own life's purpose. They were my birds of happiness. They made my heart free. And as I hoped, they grew up happy and healthy. Like their father they both chose artistic paths. But I didn't make the same mistake that I made with their father. I set them free to chase their dreams. Henry left to become an arist and Thomas, a writer. I hoped for their happiness, even though it meant I would be alone. But just when their dreams were coming true, my hopes were shattered by outside forces. The Second World War started, and both my boys were sent to fight. The military confiscated all the gold I was saving for them. My birds were meant to create beauty, not to destroy life. I felt powerless. All I could do was hope for the war's quick ending and the safe return of my beloved Henry and Thomas. It was almost so. When the war finally ended, they returned to me. But my birds wer hurt, and they had lost their wings. Henry lost his right arm, his painting arm. And Thomas ... He lost part of his heart. He couldn't trust anyone. Just like when I first held them when they were small, I held them both in my old arms and sobbed, wishing for a quick recovery for their hearts and their bodies. But now ... I wonder if I acted correctly. My heart is filled with regrets and sorry, like when Leonard died. But this time, I don't have those innocent smiles to illuminate the darkness.

What an interesting letter! We still haven't learned what happened to Thomas's wife. We get a more full image of what this family went through, though.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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