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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Typewriter Room

When you go through the secret door, you find a guy, knocked out. Poke him in the face to wake him up. This turns into a massive fight, because you claim he's Bill and he claims he's your father. You scream and yell at him. He tells you not to give the DTS to anybody. He walks out on you. Not a very mature thing for him to do!

There's a letter in the typewriter. It's from Henry, to his daughter Frannie.

Dear Frannie, I sit here alone, typing a letter you may never read. After much deliberation I have decided to follow Thomas. Before that, I wanted to tell you the truth, only to you Frannie. I wanted you to know what your father was thinking. I wanted to tell you this all in person, but it's not possible now. Frannie, your mother believes that I killed Thomas, so that I would be the sole heir to my grandfather's assets. But it's not true. It's absolutely not true. As you recall, when Grandfather fell into critical condition, Thomas returned to the mansion with his son, Daniel. A few days later, Grandfater passed away, and then ... something terrible happened. That night, Thomas brought me to the Silver Bird room and said, "You must be happy now. Granfather invited you and your family to live here after the war. He spent much money and effort getting you back on your feet. And you lived up to his hopes. You even became left-handed so you could paint again. Your new work is the best of your life. So ... you must be satisfied. You're back on your feet. It's my turn now.' then Thomas pulled out an envelope from his pocket. He looked right at me and said, "Henry this is Grandfather's will. It says who will inherit his estate. There's only one name. Tomorrow, you will open this letter in front of everyone. I'm sure you don't want to have an ugly quarrel over an inheritance. You're a very kind person and I know you have much love for me. When I heard that I finally realized what he really wanted. He wanted to inherit everything Grandfather left. He wanted it all to himself. Even at that point, Frannie, Thomas didn't know anything. Grandfather didn't have anything left to pass on to anyone. I told him that. But ... He didn't believe me. He became wildly upset. Then he pointed a gun at me. He found it in the Golden Bird room. I couldn't believe my own blood could do something like that. And then, Frannie, something unthinkable happened. I did something that can never be fixed. Daniel happened to see it, and ... I don't know why things fell apart like that. I think about it all the time, but I still don't know why. Please forgive me for not being able to make you happy. Your father, Henry.

D realizes that his real name is Daniel, and you now know more about what happened. D doesn't comment much on his father being a money-grubbing relative. His dad did, after all, boast to D that he'd have a ton of great new expensive shoes soon. Apparently money WAS on his mind ...

Interestingly, the suitcase has letter in it -

"after my death, I bequeath all my assets to Thomas Edward. --Lawrence Edward"

However, where the will we found before (made out to Henry) was signed, this one is just typed. A little suspicious.

The safe has account book in it, but you can't look at it. Why show us a book we can't read?? Surely we could look at the accounts just to verify that there really was no money left in the family ...

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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