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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Research Lab

At the end of the hall is a locked door to the research lab. You have to BLOW (i.e. steam) the glass window to see the numbers that are on it. They are: 58198 31220

In on the right is a photo of 4 people. It has your mom, your dad on far left. The guy on the far right is Bill. The other woman is Jessica, and you realize that Jessica lied about not knowing your mom. There's a bear here.

On the other side is a file cabinet. In it you find a memo. "Additional comments on Trace's final specifications Trace requires two distinct codes for activation. The codes are stored on two separate DTS cards. Code 1 activates protocol 1. Code 2 activates protocol 2." You get the memo.

Another card - #908 - is in a drawer above this. It's about Sayoko leaving memories.

OK over to the computer. First, view and then touch the picture. You get DTS card 991 with code ASH853LEY. Card 991 says to put DTS onto the Trace machine. Next it's time to play with the computer.

* yellow icon on computer - it is a letter to Sadako from dad.
* blue icon - additional was SAY919OKO.
* green icon - letter to Bill. Thanks, you're a true friend.
* red icon - things to remember. don't pig out on chocolates; shave & brush teeth before Ashley

You'll find card 907 - on a shelf by the door. It has random tips on how to prepare. Note that this room won't let you leave if not all is done here. It's time to go back to the bear, and see a card stuffed in the back of teddy bear. This is card 992, the other half of the Trace pairing.

At this point you can move on.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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