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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Trace Machine

Type in the two codes you just received to go out the back door. Here you find your dad and the Trace machine. You talk about Bill - he's the last of the Edwards. Now, we know that great-grandpa Lawrence died. We know Lawrence's son Leonard had died early on. The two sons of Leonard - Thomas and Henry - both died by murder or suicide after WW2. Each of those men only had one child. Thomas had D who is obviously dead - and Henry had Frannie. This sort of implies that Bill is Frannie's son, and is the only child Frannie had.

In any case, your Dad asks you to activate Trace and verify the truth about his memory. He needs to know if his memory about your Mom's death is real or not. Apparently Trace can implant false memories. In essence he is telling you that he THINKS he remembers killing your Mom and wants to know if this is true or not.

You walk away from the chair and face a decision -

* I want to know truth
* I don't care about the truth
* I'm scared to know the truth

I of course chose the first one. My whole moral code is about always being honest :) Next, you get:

Did dad kill mom? yes / no

I said NO. So you go back to the machine, and put in the white card first. You get to use the new 1/2 icon. This plays a memory from 2/6/94. You see them fight. You see your Dad kill your Mom. This is what your father thinks happened.

Now you use the red card. This should show you the real memory. In this one, your dad finds his wife dying and rescues you.

Now, over the intercom system, Bill calls out to see Richard.

Time for your memory quiz:
safe room - Richard. Henry's final letter to - Frannie voice on speaker was - Bill

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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