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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Stairs and Cave Walk

From this point forward the ENTIRE game is about talking, talking and more talking. You are pretty much done with puzzles and objects. If you have not gotten all of D's memories, then you are going to have to replay the previous part in order to get the full ending.

First, you head down the stairs talking about various things. You worry because you left the DTS behind. Your Dad says it's ok, the DTS is keyed to you. You're worried about Jessica. Apparently she was very close friends with Bill. Note that on the stairs you have a spot where you can 'look', but there's nothing to see.

When you get to the bottom you ask your Dad, do you believe in ghosts? He he he.

Go into the cave now. You talk to your Dad about the courtyard. Here's the critical part. If you've gotten all of D's memories, he'll say he's been here before. He was being chased. Uncle Henry was calling out, "Daniel, don't run!" but D kept running. If you do NOT get this cut-scene and the ones that follow, I'd recommend just going back and restarting the game to do a better job of hint-finding. Remember, this game isn't about zipping through as quickly as you can. It's about really exploring all of the areas thoroughly. Plus, once you finish the game once, you can re-play it to find a number of things have changed. So this isn't a one-pass game.

In any case, next they talk about you being a cute baby. Soon you find D's other shoe. D says he took it off when he was running because his feet hurt. You hear about the shooting. In D's version of the story, Thomas says "Henry, wait".

You ask your Dad about the Edwards. He'd seen' Henry's paintings in a gallery. There was a special one - a watercolor of a girl and a boy. The painter - Henry - had lost arm in war. Then he committed suicide.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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