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Trace Memory Walkthrough
Discussing the Memories

You, Dad and D meet up with Bill. It is time for the Uber Long Conversation. First, the argument. You yell at Bill for being a jerk and for attacking Jessica. He said he needed you to activate Trace. Bill's snide to your Dad for having abandoned you. Your Dad claims it was to work on Trace so that he could get you to tell him who murdered Sayoko and then to erase your memory so you would not have to live with that knowledge any more. Bill points out that he paid for the research, he owns the product. Bill then pulls a gun. You jump in and say you want to figure out who killed your mom. It's now time for a series of questions. If you've been paying attention to your flashback dreams, you know all of these answers.

* What did you see that night?
You only saw that someone came in. You don't know who.

* And then?
Your mom hid you in the closet.

Bill points out that your Dad could easily have switched the red and white cards and lied to you, which of course is true.

* What did you hear in the closet?
You heard your mom's voice.

* What did she say?
She said, "You can't have trace"

* What did you hear next?
A gunshot

* Whose face did you see?
OK, here is the only question that you do NOT know explicitly from your flashbacks. You have to make a leap of faith here. You should say it was Bill.

Sure enough, it turns out that Bill was in love with Sadoko and worked with her on Trace. The two of them brought your Dad in to the project. Unfortunately for Bill, Sadoko fell in love with your Dad and in essence the two of them ran off together with the project. This was just too much for Bill to take, and he tracked Sadoko down and killed her.

D appears and scares off Bill, saying "You're making Frannie cry". This seems to emphasize that Bill really is Frannie's only son, and that she is sad at seeing what her son has turned into. Bill falls and dies. Your dad admits that Bill probably was in love with Sadako, and then takes off to find his sister, Jessica. You seem to get abandoned quite a lot in this game!!

As you cross the bridge, you talk to D about death. He remembers the final part of his story. Henry called out "Daniel, don't run! If you run, your heart ..." D didn't listen, kept running, and fell off the cliff. His last vision was of Henry's hand trying to save him.

Trace Memory Walkthrough

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