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These are just tidbits we've picked up along the way. Add your own! Email me if you've got ideas.

Know your enemies. Go for the mantas first - they're tough. Most of the rest are pretty wimpy. Leave the rays for the end, since they pop into tons of ramoras. Not that ramoras are tough - they explode quite nicely - but there's still tons of them. They clutter up the screen for a while.

Use your missiles wisely. Don't go wasting them. Use the charging mass driver when you have it to build up a good charge and *pop* the enemy.

Make sure you target the turrets (with R) when attacking big ships. Get those turrets and missle launchers out of the way. Then go for the bigger pieces like the bridge and engine room ("The engines canna take much more of this, Captain!")

Vince Lok
In the "infamous asteroid sweep" mission, it's often helpful to blow up stuff that ISN'T the jammer, that way you don't keep targeting stuff you've looked at.

Hellfels R J E
Edited for spelling - Lisa
I'm currently playing WC Prophecy at hero setting. A tactic that I like using for attacking cap ships is getting real close, just flying over their surface and shooting his turrets. This way only one at the most two turrets will fire at you at one time. Another weak point of a cap ship are the engines - again, get in really close. The turrets can't hit you now, and you have all the time you want to lock your torps.

P.S. before these tactics can work you need to kill of most or all the fighter cover, or else you will be a sitting duck. As I discovered. I was not paying attantion to the mantas and suprise suprise I got three of them firing up my ass, and before I could get my engines fired I was dead.

Actually, there is supposedly one cheat that is really cool. In the Sim, ALSWANTSMORESHIPS will allow you to fly some of the enemy ships. As if you probably didn't already know... Besides, if someone wants invincibility, all they have to do is go to the options screen!

Jeffrey Rice
Hi, wanted to add a hint: If you are having trouble, don't forget you can put the difficulty level down. I had trouble through on my first time through the game, and pushed the level down. After learning the tricks that way, I put it up to "Hero" and had very little trouble getting through the whole game...

Wing Commander Prophecy Walkthrough

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