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H'rekkah 1

The first few missions are just "how to fly" kinds of missions. Nothing too tricky, although if you're on a slow machine make sure you turn off all extra graphics so you have half a chance of flying correctly.

The first mission is pretty simple - you get a distress call from a damaged Kilrathi ship. A la the opening movie. You escort marines there. There isn't much combat, just learn how to use nav points and fight a little. We've found some basic rules which I'll mention here - use the charging mass driver (hold down the trigger for a while to build it up, then *pow* you pretty much destroy the guy with one hit). Use afterburners to keep up with them - their ships seem a bit faster than yours. Taunt a lot to keep the enemy after you so you get all the kills (and keep your guys alive). This assumes of course you're a pretty good fighter :) You DID play WCIII and WCIV, right??

H'rekkah 1-B
Somehow Maniac, who kept going on patrol after Mission 1, got himself ambushed. He needs you plebes to help. Go figure. This is also pretty easy, although there are more ships. Use the tips from Mission 1 and you should get through quite fine.

Wing Commander Prophecy Walkthrough

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