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G'Wriss 3

You're actually at the relay now, with Blair as your wingman and some marines going in to take it over. Kill the enemies and then SIT NEXT TO THE STATION. Blair gets abducted and a supply ship comes in. Don't go to it!! New enemies are coming. Take out those enemies and protect the marine ship, only refueling when it's safe. If you do that, it's not too hard. Use CTRL/T to be able to target the Redeemer (supply ship) if it's under attack - so you can go taunt it's attackers.

G'Wriss 3-B
This mission actually starts "on" the relay and has you getting back to the Midway. Fight your way through normal enemies and land. They tell you not to worry about Blair, and now you're a Black Widow fighter. You should by now be up in the top 3 of the fighter ranks, if not the highest!!

Wing Commander Prophecy Walkthrough

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