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Whacked Walkthrough: Toof

Body: Orange creature with teeth all the way around his head

Clothing: none!

Personality: Very hungry creature that eats everything in sight


Toof Film: "Asson Tomorrow" You learn that oil is good - it's "Texas Tea". "After only a weekend of research" they came up with a great way to fight oil spills ... it was Toof!

Special Video:
Charity is digging through a toy pile looking for things. She glances behind her and Toof has eaten all of the toys she threw. She then pulls open his mouth and starts pulling them out, including a brain. She throws that back in and he likes it :)

Special Video 2:

Toof looks around, hungry, and sees Otto. He thinks Otto is a giant hotdog. He chases Otto around while the chair tries to save Otto. Finally Otto wakes up and Toof realizes he's a human and not a hot dog, and they both faint.

Final Prize:
Toof gets a GIANT hamburger!! He is very very happy and launches himself at it, becoming embedded in the side of the bun :)

This is a default character.

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