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Whacked Walkthrough:
Power Up (?) Listing

These power ups are achieved by hitting a ? mark. It's random which one you will get.

Name: feeding frenzy
Release order: starting
Description: Tons of stars for all! Listen closely, there is also a FREEDING FENZY which has tons of star-mines out there.

Name: Armor
Release order: starting
Description: Extra armor to protect you from damage

Name: OnFire!
Release order: 1
Description: You're on fire! Hit another character to transfer the fire to them. Jump in water to put yourself out.

Name: Vacuum
Release order: 2
Description: You create a vortext and suck up nearby stars! Suck up as many as you can :)

Name: Double Up
Release order: 3
Description: You get a crown, and now every star you get counts double! This is GREAT!!

Name: Invisibility
Release order: 4
Description: Yup, you're invisible. However, if you're the leader, you still have a cone of light pointing at you so it's not always very helpful.

Name: El Vampiro
Release order: 5
Description: Very cute! You have a big Mexican sombrero and Mexican music plays. You go around sucking stars out of anyone you get close to! Note if someone has star MINES you suck those in too, so be careful!

Name: Freeding Fenzy
Release order: 6
Description: Note this sounds VERY MUCH like Feeding Frenzy but is the opposite. Instead of lots of stars, there are lots of star MINES.

Name: Da Bomb
Release Order: 7
Description: You become a human bomb - be sure to explode with others nearby!

Name: The Plague
Release Order: 8
Description: You have a fatal disease with no sure. Be sure to share it with others :)

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