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Whacked Walkthrough:
Big Red Button

Name: You're It
Release order: 1
Description: This is a bad, nasty one. All stars are either gone or your color so you can't get them. Everyone else gets meat cleavers and now chase you down for stars. You're the only source of stars.

Name: Screwed
Release order: 2
Description: The leader has every star on the board turn his color.

Name: Play Ball!
Release order: 3
Description: All characters get stuck with a baseball bat and go around whacking each other!

Name: Death
Release order: 4
Description: The bony hand of death comes out, all goes dark and there's spooky music. If he touches you, you die!

Name: Magnet
Release order: 5
Description: This is a nasty one. If you're magnetized, all missile weapons automatically get drawn into you! Find somewhere to hide!

Name: Minefield
Release order: 6
Description: A whole pile of star-mines appear, beware of any stars!

Name: Fish Eye Lens
Release order: 7
Description: Your screen view becomes warped as if you were looking through a big fish eye lens!! Quite a challenge while it's in play. Maybe just stay still :)

Name: Zombie Stars
Release order: 8
Description: These are too good!! The sky turns green, and zombie stars walk around chanting "braaaains" and "fleeeesh" :) Just whap them with a baseball bat.

Name: Simmer Down
Release order: 9
Description: Muzak plays, and there are no weapons. Time to gather stars and be at peace.

Name: Swap
Release order: 10
Description: Temporarily take over another player! This is a good time to DIE :)

Name: Upside Down
Release order: 11
Description: The entire map turns upside down. This can be REALLY bad on some maps :)

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