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Whacked Walkthrough:
Map: Christmas Tree

The base of a Christmas tree, surrounded by presents. A choo-choo train goes around the base of the tree.

Decorative touches:
TONS of them!! A chainsaw toy with "rip roaring action". ""Puck You". Blox. blocks spell RedRum (from the Shining). Spank Tank. Postal Paul Action Figure doll. Studio B sign in back with little warning blockades. Can of Mace.

Be sure to go over the single block and up the ramp to get to a nice upper area. Long jump to get to the far present.

Environmental Dangers:
The train! Watch out for it, it hurts!

Fun Special Features:
Grab the battery when it appears, and get up to the train. You can now blast away with the tank! This is of course Major Woody's Spank Tank.

I really like this map. The only annoying thing is when someone gets in the tank and blasts you, but that's to be expected.

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