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Whacked Walkthrough:
Map: Pirate Ship

This pirate ship is in someone's bathtub! A TV fell into the bathtub and electrocuted the bather, and the water is still electrified. Sometimes it's too misty to see, but at other times you can see the TV that fell in, the person's foot, even a big rubber ducky :)

Decorative touches:
The ducky is cute, tho the foot is sort of icky.

Environmental dangers:
Easy to fall off! And the water is electrified so it's instant death.

Fun Special Features:
Hop in the cannon to blast up to the upper area. Also, push the red button in the center of the deck to have the two deck cannons blast across and swap positions. When you aren't playing King of the Hill, you can press down on the chest to cause the boat to sink for a while.

When the ship sinks, it's very easy to die. This is annoying when it happens, but when it comes up again there are usually TONS of stars from all the deaths to gather up!

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