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XIII Walkthrough
On the Beach

First, the story you learn. Sheridan, the president is shot in a very JFK like moment. Sheridan's brother wants to get into white house. A general wants to investigate the killing. You hear someone say that "number 13 will no longer be a problem."


OK, it's 9am on Brighton Beach. A properly Baywatch-sexy lifeguard is on beach, and sees you lying on the beach. You're not taking a nap - you have a bullet wound. Instead of actually picking you up or letting you lean on her or calling in for help, she just walks ahead of you and wants you to follow her.

You have fuzzy vision. You do follow her towards a truck, at which point you see a helicopter. You remember - you were on a big yact of some sort and "they spoted you". You remember having to "get off the boat now". You were shot while escaping.

Buxom-lady says to try to walk. Note that interestingly while you were having your flashback you had 100 health but of course now you're back at 50 health. Feeling that loss of blood, you fall over. Swimsuit Model runs back for you.

You're feeling faint. No Duh :) ta ta ta ta ta ta ta and your first checkpoint.

XIII Walkthrough

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