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XIII Walkthrough
Find Way Out of Asylum

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

find way out of asylum do not kill medical staff

nothing in the bathroom. straight and right - conference room. medkit with cameras and chairs. back to windowed doors. left - locked roor. straight - hear dr michael. no news on anmesiac. Johannsen is livid. findguard in end room - knock him out and get pass key. it's ok to kill guards just nto staff. get sienced 9mm. forward to door. sneak in on brenda who isisnging. sneak past her. go into door opposite and shoot guy. get ammo and silencer etc on table. out and right to hall. right through door with windows. shoot guard, forward, shoot second guard. third guard 4 and 5. at double doors guy with shotgun comes through, 2nd guy. go all the way back to first room - now side door. 3rd room with guy. 4th room with shelves and med kit. door out into hall again. locked door needs key. go laundry room across way. open washer. health kit inside.

left door. "least they coudl do is seal the vent form the morgue" sneak past. open door. "Don't shoot me." shoot guard that comes in. knock the 2 out. shoot the 2nd guard. can open morgue drawers. throwin g knives. medkit on table. Jump up shelves to vent. 2 full and 3 1/2 health kits now.


down along tunnel. "Dr Johannson the door is locked!" you can't shoot through the floor. "What a nightmare." out into roof area. the floor caves in and you get a cut-scene. "Number XIII The doctor will see you now"

He's pretty nasty so blast him with the shotgun. If he gets near you he stabs you with a serum that makes things seem to slow down and go green. He was number 20. medkit and knives on table.

another medkit on counter. lady is locked in. his office - throwing knives. flashback - see KKK type of people. unlock safe on wall - get documents cell key hf micro and more. unlock door for woman. knock out the orange guy and take her hostage. open the doors. use throwing knives on them. go down the hall back to the receptionist girl. "Jones do you read me?" "Open this door!" says the receptionist, when the guard does, go through and you're out

run away plain rock

you're escaping with her in an ambulance.

it goes over a cliff.

find mine entrance to rejoin jones

she'll never forget you. you have all your stuff and health kit. "Hey, good luck!"

down canyon. grapple up to ledge. "Who was THAT?" :) She's waiting for you at the bottom of the canyon. Snipe the guy on the ledge. shotgun teh guy on your level. get a kalash. 2 guys up high near next grapple up spot.

down to box with medkit heavy vest and more. guy on ledge in front of you. another guy on right beneath windmill. now head forward and right, shoot guy there. go back up along path. shoot guy at bridges area. jump from one bridge to 2nd. box here with lots of grenades. forward checkpoint.

shoot guy here and 2 others on furtrher ledges.

forward and under tunnel area. go to zip line and ride all teh way across. gather up ammo. go to side-turned cart for even more ammo and heavy vest/helmet.

go under tunnel and hear helicopter. peer out and snipe guy with rocket. Get to cart and peer around to right to get guy on other ledge. medkit on barrel. back down - path to left gets to medkit.

ok forward again to barrel / cart spot. zipline across. shoot guy at end of other line. now zipline to that spot. father medkit and ammo. heavy vest. zip back to middle. now take ledge along up cliff. forward to zip line. peer around here - shoot guard. rockets and ammo here.

take zip line down. checkpoint.

rocket guy down below. shoot him. ammo down here. go right. TONS of guys down there. throw grenade. Throw a second one at survivors. Maybe even third then blast at remaining guys. box with light vest. "Call the mongoose! get backup!"

shoot guy and go around up ledge. shoot guy on other end of zip line. enter mine shaft. down - break open. nothing. up path - level completed.

XIII Walkthrough

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