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XIII Walkthrough
Jones and Airplane

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

still everything - jones has hidden an airplane. you're in a hut. forward - break boards. out - "Found anything?" snipe the guy with the rocket first then 3 other guys. zip line down to platform. medkit and ammo. follow train track down to floor. gather ammo. snipe guy ahead of you. slide down slope to floor. checkpoint.

forward along floor. snipe guy on shelf. around corner - another 2 guys to snipe. go forward and collect ammo. then turn around and go to grapple point and go up. go up along the ledge. 2 more guys to shoot. you are now pretty much full of ammo when you find it.

shoot the singer. jump across. shoot another 2 guys ahead of you. shoot the guy in orange on teh floor of the canyon. now slide down where you jumped over and slide down tro the ledge. checkpoint.

gather ammo and medkit. snipe below you. go to right and slide down again. diagonally is best. "you ok? there's a way out behind the ruins."

go up the ladder. landing. up another ladder. full around left - ammo and medkit. Return to ladder. "Gimme a grenade" snipe him. up to third ladder. you get a pre-sight that there are two guys waiting for you, on the right and left. blast both of them.

back into the ruins. go around the left ledge and up the ladder to get the ammo off the first guy. back down. health kit in middle on wall. far right - up ladder to upper areas. bad guy here on left. shoot him and climb ladder. forward to ledge up and around. across to where other guy was, get ammo. jump down to other bad guy. duck down and go down to tribal ara and then crouch down into tunnel. you can see the airplane from here.

go down the ledge and go to it. you see a guy coming - snipe him. that's it - level complete.

XIII Walkthrough

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