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XIII Walkthrough
Colonel McCall

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

hear about steve rowland and his rival. think carrington hired him. swim down and over to ladder.

sneak up and peer over. in a shower area. I got it fly! his name was jason fly!

see video of guy talking to you and laughing at you.

that was steve rowland talking to you.

go into roomw ith lots of metal lockers. open them all and gather ammo. hear singing. don't oen the windows. open the door. sneak out and right. now aim at guard tower which you can just see. get guard. go around back. bricks here. cross behind 2nd bldg. health kit down on side here. bck to behind the buildilngs and go behind the 3rd. wait for guard kill him. document and medkit and ammo in hut here. if you're heard just blast the rest of the guys here. now silent walk skill - 50% quieter

can't go in the huts. now in door with light over it. shoot guard in here. open metal door on other side. 2 guards over on right. ammo back behind boxes. guard inside brick constructin. medkit and bolts in here. now go to right and into door. checkpoint.

now go left behind first buildling. "I ate too much chili". wait there. guy comes to you, kill him. cross to 2nd buildling. on to 3rd and 4th. peer around - see guard. shoot him in hut. a guy is doing laps around a structure in the center of the area. watch the taps. when he passes shoot the guard in the tower. then get lap dude.

into hut, get ammo. go to boxes and shoot guard by other light. now all should be quiet.

go into garage - ammo and medkit. not much else. out door - apparently maccall's in the same tent he used in desert storm.

remember to hide the bodies

2 main guards walking around. both doing loops. get guy near you out. wait - other guy will run over to friend and shoot him too. switch to a one handed weapon and carry them into the shady corner behind the boxes.

next. go to edge of tents and shoot guy in tower. go around outside of tents. shoot guy guarding opening of tent. dump him behind the tower. duck into the pink tent. medkit and document - sniper skill. go around to front. hear to plant bug behind intercom.

"No one can see us here, you want one? No thanks." tuck into the corner of the back room of the tent while people pass you.

this is number 11 do you read me? I pres galbrain believes in simulated state of war. V will get list of cause tomorrow. IX hand into plaza. XI - arms shipment arrive tonight. men eager to cause. what about 13? I have file. Removed from pentagon to block FBI. as to 17 no need to search. I have something here she will come and claim. good night.

priv to meet you col mccall.

just got all that on tape. find rowland's file and can blow this wide open.

sneak back into desk area. get mag card and doc.

says she doesn't know where weapons intended but we will blow them up.

go out front door - guard there now. Grab him and put him in tent behind boxes. now to metal building - guard there, take him behind tents to right. use mag card on door lock and go in. checkpoint.

door - you're new here. open door. wait for them to disperse. shoot guy in hut ahead. next get guy in light tower. then get 2 guys on the ground. 3rd too. if you get one the others should run over to him. go around behind buildlings to left get last guard. "Don't smoke around the hangar are you nuts??"

shoot the guard left of hangar. then go to that point and shoot guy guarding mini buildilng further left. go into cuation explosives mini buildlindg by picking lock. go to assault rifle. go in - shoot guy. take ammo and helmets. get M60. past machines open door. see bomb spot on yellow boxes. go out level cmplete.

XIII Walkthrough

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