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XIII Walkthrough
Getting To the car

It turns out the swimsuit girl has a name - Janet. She calls and says she found an injured guy. For some reason she forgets to mention it's a bullet wound on phone, which is rather unusual. She then tells you that she found a key in your pocket. It's marked as being from Winslow Bank. Janet gives you the key.

Before you can make your moves on her, she's shot. Isn't that always the way? Grab the medkit on the wall, the knife and door key on the table. There is a 9mm gun and 3 clips in the room. Convenient. You can also use the ashtrays and bottles in the room as weapons. Grab the sun and shoot the guy out front. You hear "Tell mongoose we spotted the target." I would suppose that is you.

Now go in past her body through the inner door. Shoot the other guy at the locked door. You can shoot him from the central doorway. Unlock the outer door with the key. "escape from the first aid post!" is done. Grab the clip on the crate.

Go out on the dock and head right towards the helicopter. Shoot the 2 guys on deck. Grab the full med kit on the left. You can go in the building with the first aid kit on it. There are more knives, more .44 ammo.

OK, head back to the main dock and continue forward. There's a guy up on the right cliff. Shoot him. Another guy jumps down on the square platform area from the left. Shoot him too and head on forward.

You'll hit an area with 2 boxes. Use L1 to jump over them. There's a guy down by the boats. A helicopter drops a guy on the dock by the yellow boat - shoot him. Continue down the dock.

At the end of your walk, the dock goes onto land. Shoot guy on left by the fence. Another guy in green is here. Kill him and take his key. There's a medkit on the back of the building, and a box of 44 ammo too. A guy appears onthe ridge behind the truck. You can just take off on them. Use the car key and get into the truck.

level complete.

XIII Walkthrough

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