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XIII Walkthrough
Spy On the Meeting

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

spy on meeting.

go diagonally to the left. hear tap tap. shoot guard. another tap tap. "Know who I'm talking about." see guy walk in front of you. get him. let guy go close then away - shoot him. see sewers down here. forward - rough area. left - guy with crossbow. have to get him near you so other doesn't get see him. now get woman in frnt of you. no reaon to hide bodies. go to where you see upper level ahead - use grapple to go up. see down rectangle hall with torches.

go a bit firward - guy walks out. open door ther e- get document. medkit and knives in middle room. bolts and crossbow in nearest door. now end of corridor. right. up ledge on right. see grapple point. swing to other side.

go down stairs to 2 rooms and loot them. now shoot down at 2 guards. get further away guard as other guard is walking towards you. then get 2nd guy. jump down to medkit on ledge then jump down go into door.

down hall to door. see 2 guards in there by torches. be patient. They will line up perfectly for a double hit. go straight across. "Ahem Friends". sit and wait by door. pick the lock. Colonel Amos says to wait for signal before you go in. unlock next door. 2 guys. shoot woman when by balcony then guy when he runs in. left - vest.

now up stairs. door. pick lock. one guy across the way. shoot him when he's in front of you. go to him and then up long stairs. at end there's a drop. "When III gives the signal, the SPADS unit will impose martial law". Look down - see everybody.


"Leave the sanctuary!"


grapple the bell and lower yourself into the room. can land in ledge on right and lob grenades down from here at guards. four of them.

go to back and left. pick lock. gassy area. go through. get to door - open it. shoot more guards on left. See grapple spot above. swing across.

go forward and right. follow corridor to more guards. blast away. down to door. now stianed glass room. open door - level complete.

XIII Walkthrough

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