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XIII Walkthrough
Walter Sheridan Estate Washington

NOTE: I only realized long after I played XIII that I never got the full walkthrough written up. These are my raw notes on this level - but I'm afraid I don't remember more details to fill it in or make it more coherent. I hope it still helps! Now you can see what my raw note taking on my laptop while I play is like :)

12:00 walter sheridan estate washington

copter lands. you shake sentator walter sheridan's hand. they show list of all xed but first 3. you're going to secret military base in maryland.

heading to command station.

follow him right. tedious part. go with him to next door. see guard go to door. "Welcome to SSH1 senator sheridan. Colonel Marshall cannot accompany us. strict orders from President.

He apologizes to me. operations are about to be launched. Guard says he'll walk me out.

he opens the door. as walking out you see guy come out of barracks on right. go in. hear singing. knock seated guy out. take his stuff. around to right. get singing guy.

look in lockers - nothing there. bathroom to side, nothing there. can't drag guys.

go to double door - lockpick it. "Yes sir colonel marshall left." get chair and open door. go in and brain him. Take him into barracks room.

back in contrrol room - access card look at various cameras and hit button to open door.

go out and right - use access card. go left and to elevator. use pass to open giant door. down the stairs. sneak down teh stairs quietly. checkpoint

operation total red ready to commence. go along behind guard on right. punch him out. remember to hide the bodies message. grab him and take him left into generator room. go out and get chair. go left. see tap tap tap. wait until it's going away and bash him. gra him and put him into generator room right there.

now out and right, get another chair. now left to tap tap guy wait for him to start going away. bash him. put him in same generator room. another guy comes from behind now - dump him in too.

forward. see guard station ahead of you and hear tapping on left. go through double door on left and get broom. forward and bash him in generator room. cross hall to door. take chair with you. go in and bash guard. grab him adn take him into generator room. hit button in here.

go around right to elevator.

galbrian requested at the commadn post.

go in left elevator and down.


senator sheridan already 2nd floor. advisor wax has just left them. go through door ahead and right. wait for him to get through door bash him. take him into bathroom back out. right and hide behind corner looking towards the barracks door. and see gurd walk to chair at end of hall. get broom and go down right and bash guy.

instead of bashing guy to chair, go in shaft in bathroom wait until he's away then pop door. go back and get ashtray from room. go back to chair area and when he starts walking away follow him and go in side room to right with striped door jam. hit him when he goes right to left past you so you can bring him back in that room quickly - without guy at other end seeing you

now take broom and sneak down along right wall towards guy at end of hall. when eh trusn away bash him. take him to little room.

now around corner to right. go to yellow stripe. double doors. crouch and go around to left. "Danm busted foccoffee machine". bash him. "What is sheridan doing in SSH 1 during an election" take him in bathroom. "Where are my bodyguards? they are at machine. "SPADS assigned to protection for total red" get broom. they walk away. hide to immediate left guy goes to bathroom - knock him out. drop next guy there too. take another broom. go into cafe room and bash him. take him into bathroom pile.

into cafe again and out back door. level completed.

XIII Walkthrough

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